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East Coast Hotel Guangzhou profile

2019/2/16 20:56:20
Pearl river is made in guangzhou city, guangzhou people's mother river, guangzhou pearl river made me, and also because of the pearl river and beautiful.East Coast Hotel Guangzhou is located in the golden waterway on the Banks of the pearl river, beautiful scenery, convenient transportation.Hotel east forest natural oasis jiangxin ersha island, the pearl river on both sides of the beautiful jiang jing.Adjacent to the subway line 2 and the big head of pier, is apart from the guangzhou railway station and the new (old) trading hall only 10 minutes by subway, and the highest institution of higher learning in zhongshan university, south China Beijing road pedestrian street, haizhu square, in an instant when the pearl river new city CBD, etc.From east bay hotel, you can appreciate the natural scenery, comfortable and pleasant. Also can enjoy food and wine
East Coast Hotel Guangzhou opening time in February 2012, the main building 20 floors, a total of 111 rooms (sets).

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Tangla Hotel Tianjin traffic info

Business zone:Binjiang Road / Wu Avenue
Address:Tianjin · Tianjin · hepingqu - No.219 Nanjing Road Heping District Tianjin China