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kaleiston hotel Shenzhen profile

2019/2/16 20:55:57
kaleiston hotel Shenzhen, the hotel is a collection of rooms, food, entertainment, KTV, bar and business meetings in the integration of intelligent Internet hotel, kaleiston hotel Shenzhen has 125 luxurious guest rooms of all kinds, according to the modern five-star standard design, novel into the personality of intelligent system, reveals the high-end, warm and comfortable atmosphere; kaleiston hotel Shenzhen is located in hai huafa north road no. 1, adjacent to the same village, nanguang expressway next village export high-speed floor, away from the baoan international airport and the downtown area only 30 minutes by car, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient. kaleiston hotel Shenzhen has a 1 between administrative meeting rooms, multi-function hall, and has more than 200 parking Spaces in the parking lot, can meet your various needs.

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Tangla Hotel Tianjin traffic info

Business zone:Binjiang Road / Wu Avenue
Address:Tianjin · Tianjin · hepingqu - No.219 Nanjing Road Heping District Tianjin China